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Kantar Marketplace is an automated market research platform designed for insights professionals, marketers and agencies who want to test, learn and move faster. It is the only market research platform with solutions that have been independently validated to predict sales and brand growth. We are committed to helping you unlock powerful insights through our verified audiences, intuitive self-serve dashboards and expert consulting - in over 70 countries.

About Kantar Marketplace

Brands love Link AI and Kantar Marketplace

Predict creative effectiveness in 15 minutes, with this fully automated AI-powered tool. Now available in 35+ markets. 

Quickly and simultaneously process high volumes of creative, allowing you to test more of your (and your competitors') advertising than ever before.

Say goodbye to blind spots in creative performance. Link AI uses artificial intelligence to test digital and TV ads in 15 minutes.  

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Say goodbye to guesswork. Get fast feedback on your creative with Kantar Marketplace.

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Consumer feedback surveys for faster, smarter decision making

AI’s role in the creative process

Choose a service level that meets your needs


  • Set up and launch your own projects on demand
  • View your results in the platform as soon as your project has finished, plus export to commonly used formats
  • Add-on the Analyzer module for even more robust insights on TV ads

Serviced by Kantar

  • Have your Kantar team set up and launch the project for you, plus walk you through the results
  • Access results and past projects at any time using the platform
  • Add-on the Analyzer module for even more robust insights on TV ads
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Test advertising, vet innovation concepts, optimise media placements and more with automated solutions. 

Consumer insight results dashboard

Save time on custom research with easy access to syndicated brand, consumer and market insights.

Online consumer survey results on computer

Create simple consumer feedback surveys, with access to quality respondents, that are fast and easy to execute.

Draw upon powerful insights using a market research tool that flexes with your needs

Choose from a range of question formats that are easily customized to your needs. Unlike other survey tools there’s no complex logic to program, so you can launch your surveys quickly and confidently.

Easy to field

Survey a built-in panel of respondents using profiling attributes that allow you to target virtually anyone - from cat owners in California to Millennials with credit cards. 

Easy to analyse  

User-friendly dashboards make it easy to understand your results, plus you can export the data for further analysis.

Easy to use  

Have a new idea? Need to vet product names or slogans, or get data for a pitch? Ask real consumers using a simple online survey tool and get fast, reliable results almost as soon as you click ‘launch’.

An automated AI process delivers cost-effective, high-quality ad test results in as few as 15 minutes.

Designed for speed and scale

The best of human and machine

Built on the world’s largest database of 230,000+ ads, trained on over 35 million human interactions and matched with innovative technology.

Results at your fingertips

View all your project results in a single dashboard or export them in a shareable .ppt format.

AI-powered ad testing at scale

Test your own or competitor video ads.

Available as an automated, self-serve or serviced solution.

Support when you need it

Whether you choose self-serve or serviced by Kantar options, you’ll always have access to expert support.

Test more ads, faster.

Now you can affordably test iteratively throughout the creative process. Intuitive analytics dashboards provide a quick read on creative performance, so you can make go/no-go decisions faster and launch campaigns with confidence.

Get the most out of your ad budget.

Don’t let budget constraints limit the number of creative executions you can test. Powerful machine learning technology makes batch testing affordable and accurate, so you can make data-driven decisions about the best versions, lengths, creative elements or calls to action. 

Predict digital creative performance in-context

Link AI for Digital is the only AI solution on the market that provides behavioral predictions of in-context digital performance. This means you get unrivalled insight into how your creative will perform in the real world.

Measures of key engagement behaviors like skip time and likelihood to act are benchmarked to channel-specific norms, giving you a complete picture of the effectiveness of your ads. Know where to put your media investment to get the most out of your budget. 

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Identify winning creative and launch your advertising campaigns with confidence

Creative testing built for speed

Predict creative effectiveness in 15 minutes, with this fully automated AI-powered tool. Now available in 35+ markets. 

“I am very happy with Kantar Marketplace for ad testing. The dashboard is very clear, which allows us to quickly and easily identify what works/what doesn't work and to get a good overall understanding of the results.”

“Link AI for Digital has enabled us make quick decisions, pick from our best creatives, test video edits and even measure competitor campaigns with speed and at scale.”